Climbing in Cuba

I just want to give some tips to the many climbers that come to Cuba every year.

If you come to Viñales it would be crazy not to climb, and if you are a beginner, its a good place to start! A lot of climbers that come each year compare the climbing here to Thailand, Greece or South Africa. If you love tuffas, roofs and caves, here you will find your joy.

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Climbing in Viñales started many years ago. To know a little bit more of the history of the climbing, you should read this article > click to : 


Here are the local climbers of Viñales town, excluding the ones from La Habana, Holguin, Santi Spiritus, ….

They take care of the routes, they bolt new ones, and are always aware of everything going on in the mountains. For a guide, or a climbing partner, you can count on them.

From left to right:  Henry called « El Cosa », Raul called « Rauli », Jorge called « Tito », Lazaro called « Mena », Yandry, Fidel, Luis called also « Tito », Adrian called « El Flaco », Darien called « Peteiro », Yarobis called « Yaro ». Other than them, please avoid. Except if he is recommended by one of them.

IS THERE A GUIDEBOOK? Yes, but on late news, it is out of stock now. Plus, it wasn’t really uploaded, as many routes has been bolted since its publication.

SHOULD I BRING DONATIONS? All the local climbers have gears, but remember that everything we have here was given to us because we cannot buy that in Cuba, it doesn’t exist, we don’t have stores, and we can’t buy on the internet. So if you come, and want to bring rope, quickdraws, bolts, shoes, anything you want, you are welcome. You really don’t have to, but it can help the community. Thank you

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IS IT FORBIDDEN TO CLIMB? In a communist country like Cuba, do you really think that if it would be forbidden to climb, there would be climbers everywhere in the bolted mountains?  Do you think that in the airport they would let you bring all those gears?

It is not forbidden to climb. What is forbidden, is to GUIDE for climbing. Because, as it is not recognized to be a national sport, no one should be earning money from that. And moreover if the government is not earning money from it. The thing is that…. what is not forbidden in Cuba?

WHEN TO CLIMB? The best time for climbing in Cuba is from November to March.

WHERE TO FIND OTHER CLIMBERS?  The tradition is that every night, the climbers gather in the stairs of the central plaza to share good times together.

WHEN TO MEET ALL THE CLIMBERS FROM ALL CUBA: During the national climbing festival, which take place every year in different parts of Cuba.

La imagen puede contener: 24 personas, incluido Maikel Rosabal Gómez, personas sonriendo, exterior

National climbing competitions 2018

Festival escalade.png

Next climbing festival 2019!


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